Ethica x Solid World Partnership Announcement

Ethica x Solid World Partnership Announcement

Ethica x Solid World Partnership Announcement 150 150 ethica

To create a simple and accessible digital platform for retail investors to partake in projects that are based on ethical and sustainable principles, allowing them to directly fund and support worthy causes that they believe in.

Ethica is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Solid World. Solid World is pioneering a solution to enable high-quality carbon projects to access financing before certification by pre-selling a portion of their carbon credits. Solid World DAO is at the forefront of revolutionizing carbon credit markets. The partnership leverages on the expertise and synergies of both companies to fund-raise and create awareness for early-stage projects which will most certainly have lasting impact for global communities and the world.”
Ethica is a licensed digital exchange founded to address 3 critical issues.

  1. To be a recognized global platform for impact entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to launch and raise funds for projects which meet UN SDG and ESG narratives.
  2. To create an ecosystem that directly delivers millions of digital wallets with free token drops to underserved communities worldwide to bridge the inequality and wealth gap.

Solid World DAO is a community-held protocol that helps stop climate change by providing fair financing to future projects. Solid World will be a force to cut the influence of predatory actors out of the pre-purchasing market by providing transparency and fair terms.

In a statement announcing the partnership, the Solid World team said, “Ethica is helping to invest into sustainability and environmentally friendly projects and communities. In Solid World DAO we are supporting all projects that help to address the importance of environment and sustainability. Also people behind Ethica are doing it with whole heart to make a difference and save the planet earth, we sure share the values! We are honored to partner up with Ethica!”