Ethica to Release Its Flagship Solution – Digital Asset Exchange Platform and ESG-Based Social Platform

Ethica to Release Its Flagship Solution – Digital Asset Exchange Platform and ESG-Based Social Platform

Ethica to Release Its Flagship Solution – Digital Asset Exchange Platform and ESG-Based Social Platform 150 150 ethica

NEW YORK, June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Statistically, 50% of the global population hold only 2% of global wealth. Issues like climate change cannot be fully addressed if the only ones tasked to do so are big corporations. The mandate has to be extended to SMEs and the wider community. It is a new day for individuals and corporates alike who want to participate in projects which address ESG narratives. Ethica, a digital asset exchange platform, enables them to support causes that they are passionate about.  

The projects on the platform follow laid-down evironmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. Ethica recently announced that it will provide a simplified and affordable ESG scoring and tracking solution for SMEs and projects to begin their ESG journey. 

Ethica is a first-of-its-kind digital exchange platform built using Blockchain technology that provides individuals with access to socially aware ESG initiatives around the world. Users can build their portfolios with projects that align with their values and work towards a more sustainable future, providing much more than just monetary returns.

Through their exchange and network, users can crowdfund impact projects via tokenization. The company will also be doing free airdrops to various underserved communities through their Wallet Out-reach Program. Through the creation of wealth for these particular communities, the system can bring in a new-generation of retail investors or users into their network, thereby resulting in a highly scalable, sustainable & circular ecosystem.

The concept that investors who integrate ESG considerations can improve their returns is now rapidly spreading across capital markets worldwide. Pension funds and insurers have now begun to exclusively award new investment mandates to asset managers with transparent, informative ESG capabilities. Some issues that are well-known and receive widespread publicity are factors such as the gender pay gap, diversity and inclusion. Ethica wants to directly provide numerous digitized wallets that comes with free token-drops to the communities that are underserved around the world, thereby bridging the poverty, wealth and inequality gap.

As part of Ethica’s rollout plan, the first step is towards the listing of the Ethica token on the LBank Exchange on 23rd June 2022. The token represents the “fuel” in the ecosystem and as part of the Ethica giving pledge, Ethica endeavours to donate a significant portion of its profits (up to 80%) towards a token buyback and burn program, making the token supply deflationary and increased demand, positively impacting token holders.

ETHICA is working towards providing the best digital trading medium that will ensure that people have access to the opportunities presented by digital assets. The team here will also provide a platform that is simple to use, secure and trusted with projects that make a difference for the betterment of society.

Ethica Corporate Media Contact:

Vickie Chen

Email: [email protected]