We are Ethica

At the heart of everything we do is a simple belief that each one of us has a crucial part to play in ensuring the continuance of our species and of our planet. Not merely for ourselves, but for our children.

Our vision is to empower investors and communities to create an ethical, inclusive and sustainable world. How it works: By creating a platform where everyone, from all walks of life, can invest and support causes, he or she truly believes in.


The environmental factor in the ESG equation focuses on how a company performs as a steward of nature. It considers how a company uses natural resources and how their operations impact the environment. It includes not only a company’s direct operations, but also all activities across their supply chains.


Social factors are primarily those that will arise in the relations between a company and people or institutions outside of it. Sustainable investors will try to minimize the risk that societal factors pose to returns.


Governance refers to the factors of decision-making, from sovereigns’ policymaking to the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in corporations, including the board of directors, managers, shareholders, and stakeholders

Sustainable as an Investment Strategy

Our Unique Proposition

Licensed exchange and ecosystem that provides a dedicated platform for the socially and environmentally conscious to support and participate in early-stage projects and initiatives


A fusion of talents across multiple countries and industries , working together on a passion project for a better tomorrow , create opportunities and change the world – one wallet at a time.

Nur Syukri Zakaria

Extensive experience in IT in various disciplines, passionate advocate for blockchain and global payment systems consulting in many projects.

Parani Ganesha

25 years in finance across money markets, fund management, venture capital and corporate advisory.

Vincent Choy

16 years in the renewable energy and ESG industry, 5 years in blockchain and digital assets.

Ivan Lee, FCPA

20 years in global financial, trading and securities brokerage industry. Worked in several crypto exchanges since 2018.

Vickie, Chen Ting

5 years across media, marketing and social media for crypto exchange. Strong exposure across China & SEA

Mohd Fadli Saad

15 years in the Information Technology field with extensive experience as blockchain consultant, security and audit for different startups.

Freddi Bay

30 years of senior managerial experience in IT consulting, data analytics and telecommunications providers. Working experience across APAC. Board level experience in listed companies.

Kai Taraporevala

25 years advising HNW families, leading investment banking, asset management and securities in India and ASEAN. Restructured Tata Capital’s Investment Banking & Securities.

Shamik Raja

Over 15 years of research involving the application of principals in digital signal processing to create an automated commodity-buying system that uses algorithmic calculations to navigate complex international commodity and currency markets.